What Nigeria Needs Come 2023 – By Didam Musa Goni

By Didam Musa Goni

What Nigeria needs come 2023 is neither Igbo presidency nor Yoruba presidency. We don’t need Fulani or Hausa presidency. What we need come 2023 is Nigeria presidency.

The debate on whether Igbo, Yoruba or any ethnic group should take over the presidency come 2023 is needless. We don’t need such debates. What Nigerians should be discussing about is whether the person coming to pilot the affairs of the country in 2023 is detribalised or not. It’s time to move away from ethnic politics and we must do this if we truly want to progress.

Different socio-culrural groups have been talking about the ethnic identity of who should succeed the current president in 2023. The Yorubas feel the next president should come from the West. The Igbos too, are agitating for Igbo presidency. Nobody is talking about a true Nigerian presidency. Such tribal agitations are not good for our democracy at all.

Where the president comes from shouldn’t be the subject of debate. We need a paradigm shift in the way and manner we do things. What we need is someone that will lead this country in the right direction without any form of nepotism or tribalism. We are all Nigerians and until we begin to see ourselves as Nigerians without necessarily involving ethnicity in our polity, we might just be wandering in the same cycle of underdevelopment.

Until we rid ourselves of ethnic chauvinism and tribal politics, our democracy and country will continue to tow the path of backwardness. The Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Fulanis, Asholios, Bajjus, Ijaws, Kaninkons, and other tribes in Nigeria must understand that a Nigeria presidency is what this country needs come 2023 because only a Nigeria presidency will unite the country and lead without nepotism, tribalism or favoritism.

Didam Musa Goni is a graduate of Political Science. He is an upcoming columnist and writer, with strong interest in social and political issues.

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