Our Schools are all set for WAEC – Kaduna State Govt.

Kaduna State Government says Secondary Schools across the state are all prepared for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams which will commence next week.

Speaking on Monday while inspecting the level of preparedness of the schools for the SS3 students, the Commissioner for Education Dr. Shehu Muhammad Makarfi said the schools are set to resume in compliance with the covid 19 protocols.

The Commissioner expressed satisfaction over the level of preparedness by the school authorities and assured that the state government is ready to support them with all that is needed for the period of the exams.

“I am impressed with what I have seen. I have seen the preparedness, the readiness of them to start school, I have assessed the classrooms and addressed them and spaced them. I have seen the class that can take forty pupils, we arrange them to become 20.

“Government is providing some facemasks for students and teachers. We are also providing hand sanitizers, hand held infrared thermometer and hand washing facilities. We are also providing the soaps for the washing of hands.

“I am impressed generally with what I have seen. I have seen the eagerness, I have seen the readiness of each of the students to commence their lessons,” said the Commissioner.

Commissioner for Education Dr. Shehu Muhammad Makarfi, addressing the SS3 students in GGSS Kongo, during the inspection of the School’s level of preparedness in compliance to the covid-19 protocol

The Commissioner, who visited the former WTC, presently Government Girls Science Secondary School, Kongo, in Zaria, demonstrated to the staff and student of the school how to arrange the seats, as well as how to use the facemasks.

He said: “What we expect is if we maintain this social distance, the sitting arrangement as we have demonstrated for them in the classrooms and demonstrated in the hall. They will remain on those sits so that they will give space to each other.

“We expect that they will be committed in terms of their use of face mask. We describe to them how to use the facemasks. We have also informed them, particularly for the teachers to refrain from too much involvement in community activities so that they can save themselves.”

Commissioner for Education Dr. Shehu Muhammad Makarfi, at the Zaria Zonal Office of the Ministry of Education, during the inspection of the School’s level of preparedness in compliance to the covid-19 protocol

He asked the principal and teachers to comply with the covid-19 protocols throughout the exam period and beyond.

“Both the principal and the staff should make assessment and see how much student they can take beyond the ones coming for the exam and so that they can start opening in phases. After SS3 has finished, we can know when SS2 and SS1 subsequently, depending on the availability of facilities and space in the school,” he said.

Speaking on how prepared the state government is in case of emergencies during the WAEC exams, the Commissioner said all preparations are being made on that.

He noted that principals and Health Care Management Board are being engaged on such preparation in order to provide all necessary facilities to care for emergency cases.

“We ask the principals to create a temporary isolation center and we told them what to do in case they suspect a case.

“We have also requested the Kaduna State Primary Health Care to assign an incident manager to each of the schools. We also have the phone numbers readily available so they can call in case of any emergency.

“Remember that in each school there is a dispensary, so the staff of the dispensary are trained on what to do in case there is an emergency.”

He assured that the monitoring team will continue to monitor within the week and during the exams in order to see the level of compliance.

According to the Commissioner, there is no need to scare the students by over blowing the issue, but the greater need lies on continuous advice on adhering to the covid-19 protocol.

“We do not want to over blow the issue, we do not want to scare them. They are normal cough, there are issues of catarrh and very few people have the infection, it doesn’t mean that that every high temperature translates to Covid 19, but what we are saying we don’t take chances. In case of any student or a staff is having such, this is what to do.

“We will continue to advise general stakeholders including the communities with respect to the Covid 19 Protocols. Social distancing is one key issue, is very critical for us as nobody knows who is having the infection or not.

The Commissioner further encourage the students and teachers to, in addition to compliance with the Covid-19 protocol, get themselves acquainted with all e-learning programmes currently in place, to further prepare the WAEC candidates for the exams.

“We also advise the use of hand sanitizers, we advise the use of nose masks and we advise constant update and awareness on what is happening. We also thank the press that are also giving us this information and we also our E-learning program through the Radio still continue. Tell your student to link up and continue listening, download a lot of lessons on our website under the Ministry of Education website. We have them on youtube, we have them on different platform.

“Try to acquaint yourselves so that students can also avail themselves with it and then benefit from what we have done. We have aired more than 2000 lessons over the radio and television and I think that teachers and student can access that which are not privilege to be part of the team, student can access that have privilege to access radio and television and would also help us get their reaction on what they have heard from radio and television,” said the commissioner.

The Commissioner visited Barawa College, Panbegwa, and Commercial College before going to Government Girls Science Secondary School, Kongo, in Zaria.

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