How to find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connections

Recent statistics have shown that there has been a
tremendous increase in smartphone adoption in Africa, and in Nigeria being one
of the largest countries in the continent. By implication, this has resulted in
increase in number of data bundle users, as well as in data bundle weight of
smartphone consumers.
Although data bundle prices have drastically been slashed by
the four major telecoms operators in the country, some ‘sharp’ smartphone users
may still take to ‘stealing’ connections from Wi-Fi networks around them. At
times, these ‘unknown connections’ can contribute to making the network very
slow, thus frustrating your work.
So how do you find out whether an unauthorized user is stealing
your bandwidth?
A good way to do this is to take a look at what’s going on
with your network, and to check whether the devices that are connected to it
are ones you recognize or not. J.D. Biersdorfer of New York Times provides
an easy way to do this.
One way to see what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi
network (and to check whether you recognize all of them) is to log on to your
router’s administrative page and check its DHCP Client Table, DHCP
Client List
, or the list of Attached Devices. From there,
you’ll be able to see all of the computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other
devices connected to your wireless router.
The website of your router’s manufacturer, or the print
manual that comes with the router when you purchased it, should include
instructions on how to log in to your router, which Biersdorfer notes
usually requires typing the router’s Internet Protocol (IP) address into
your web browser, and logging into the page with the administrator name and
When you see all the computers, smartphones, tablets, and
any other devices connected to your wireless router, you should be able to
identify the unauthorized connections on your network. From there, you can
discontinue the connections to boost the speed of your network.

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