Current National ID card to become invalid as NIMC announces new enrollment regulations

The National Identity Management
Commission (NIMC) is in the process of gazetting
new draft regulations for
the registration and acquisition of the
National Identity card.

With the new regulation underway,
all current National ID cards in possession of Nigerians will become invalid after
the expiration of a ‘Transition Period’ which will be announced by the
NIMC says in the realization of
its responsibilities under the National Identity Management Commissions Act,
2007 (“the Act”), and in the effective implementation of its responsibilities
and mandate under the Act, it shall ensure the effective enforcement of these
The national identity body says it
shall announce a Transition Period during which all in possession of the
National ID card are expected to re-register in accordance with the new
regulations and be issued the new ID card.
“The Commission shall by an
announcement on its website, other means of communication or by subsequent
Regulations, determine the date on which the Transition Period shall commence
and end,” it says.
When the Commission announces the
Transition Period, “every Registrable Person who, as at the effective date of
this Regulation, is in possession of a valid National Identity Card issued by
the defunct Directorate of National Civic Registration (“DNCR”) shall
immediately present himself/herself at an Enrolment Centre and be registered in
accordance with the provisions of the Act and these Regulations.”
“The National Identity Cards
issued before the commencement of the Act shall remain valid until the expiration
of the Transition Period,” says the Commission.
“All National Identity Cards
issued by the DNCR shall from the date so determined and announced become
invalid and shall not be used for any identification purposes,” NIMC added.
For the purposes of enrolment and
registration, the Commission says Registrable Persons shall further be categorized
into two:
Registrable Persons Sixteen (16) years and above
who shall be issued with both the National Identification Number (NIN) and
General Multipurpose Identity Card (GMPC) upon enrolment.
Registrable Persons below Sixteen (16) years of
age who shall be issued with a NIN only at the time of enrolment but shall, on
attainment of the age of Sixteen (16) years, be issued with a GMPC.
The Commission thus calls on all Registrable
Person who has attained the age of Sixteen (16) years to present him/herself at
the Enrolment Centre closest to him/her for enrolment as soon as the Transition
period is announced.

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